Xact conversion won IBM’s prize for ‘Worlds Best Modernization Story’

IBM and Xact Consulting A/S has completed a major conversion of VP SECURITIES’s IT system. Since VP SECURITIES in June 2014 received the IT modernization Award from IBM, the story has been told many times – both for Danish, European and international IT managers who are all interested in hearing about VP’s experiences and to get inspiration on how to succeed doing an IT project that at the same time provides all the benefits of securing the business for the future, a better bottom line and more strategic options without experiencing all the drawbacks of most common IT projects in general.
“Clearly we had extra thoughts before we started to move all critical systems in one go, but on the other hand, it was necessary for the business that we switched to a more modern IT environment. Without a change we could simply no longer create the modern platform that provides the best solutions for our customers, “said Carsten Norgaard, CIO of VP SECURITIES.