We had a fine visit from a Mexican IT delegation

Monday, September 8th, late in the afternoon, a Mexican IT delegation together with the Mexican ambassador to Denmark, arrived to visit Xact. Weeks before they had written us to ask if they could come for a visit while they were on a journey to the Nordic countries, eager to see different sides of our IT industry. Despite pouring rain and rush hour traffic, they managed to find us in Hvidovre after they earlier in the day, had visited the Foreign Ministry and a large IT educational institution. Mexico is a country in rapid development and the emitted delegation was composed of companies from different parts of the IT industry, and they were visiting the Nordic countries, partly to raise awareness of the IT development in Mexico, and partly to seek new potential business partners. It was a great visit and we look forward to follow the developments of Mexico in the future.

Xact makes an agreement with ARCAD Software

September 2014: Xact has made an agreement to collaborate with ARCAD on the sale of ARCADs ALM products and solutions in the Nordic countries. ARCAD is a French supplier of tools, primarily directed at IBMi platform and adds to and integrates with IBM Rational tools that have been part of Xacts business for the past 15 years. This cooperation strengthens Xact opportunities to also offer IBMi clients modern solutions for the development of future IT systems. We look very much forward to extending our cooperation with ARCAD Software.