Xact signed a new contract to conduct a large conversion

Xact has today signed a contract for a major conversion of an IT system for a large international customer. The conversion, which is from a system written in Cool: Gen to a new solution in JavaScript/HTML frontend and Cobol backend, is expected to run until May 2016. We signed the agreement as a partnership with a new international partner.

Xact participated in Management Event 2014

Xact today participated in the Management Event 600minutes Executive at Radisson Falconer in Copenhagen, where we had 24 meetings with senior IT decision-makers from a big variety of the Danish business enterprises. We look forward to grow our relations as we are always ready to help out with good solutions.

VP SECURITIES’s conversion case story on IBM’s BusinessConnect2014 in Copenhagen

In June this year VP SECURITIES won the IBM price: ‘World’s Best Modernization Story’ for their recent conversion project. Behind this conversion was Xact Consulting A/S. Yesterday at the IBM event BusinessConnect2014 in Bella Center, Copenhagen, everyone interested could hear Carsten Norgaard, IT Director and Kim Reinert, Methodology & Architecture Manager from VP SECURITIES tell their story of the case – including the reason for, and the conduct and outcome of the project.

There was a good crowd in the room and we guess that most of the audience was left with the feeling that this thing about converting your IT systems, that is just something you do. ‘All you need to do’ is to make the right decisions at the planning stage and then stick to them 100%. We believe that this is precisely the approach to the conversion project that VP took, and that their example is very much worth following.