CA Gen to COBOL migration

Xact offers automated migration from CA Gen to COBOL using Xact’s migration tool.

All business logic is preserved after the migration is a 1:1 functional conversion of the CA Gen code to the new COBOL environment

The migrated COBOL source code will have no dependency to CA Gen runtime and the source code will be maintainable, license-free and royalty-free.

CA Gen to COBOL Migration

CA Gen to COBOL Migration

COBOL is usually chosen as target language for CA Gen backend parts:

  • Batch managers and procedure steps
  • Server managers and procedure steps
  • Action Block programs

Migration of CA Gen 3270 screens depends on the target system. If the target is Mainframe z/OS then 3270 can be migrated to BMS for CICS or MFS for IMS. The 3270 screens can also be modernized and converted to Web applications. An alternative to migration is to rewrite the 3270 screens.

CA Gen generated GUI/Web clients are normally migrated to a Web frontend with JavaScript/HTML.

Xact also offers this kind of conversion: CA Gen to JavaScript/HTML migration

Xact can provide a generic COBOL Server manager as the interface between frontend clients and COBOL backend.

Hand-written Java and C# clients do not need to be changed in the new environment.

The interface to hand-written Java and C# clients is taken care of by Java proxies, C# proxies and middleware provided by Xact.

The migration can also handle calls to and from External Action Blocks or other external Cobol programs.

Xact can generate proxies for these programs, which means that these programs do not need to be changed.

Please contact Xact for more information about the solution for migration of CA Gen to COBOL.