CA Gen to Java migration

Xact’s CA Gen to Java migration solution, offers automated migration from CA Gen to Java for companies that want to modernize their old legacy systems.

The migration is a 1:1 functional conversion of the CA Gen code where all business logic is preserved in the new modernized Java environment.

CA Gen to Java migration

The migrated Java source code will have no dependency to CA Gen runtime and the source code will be maintainable, license-free and royalty-free.

New architecture

CA Gen to Java migration

Java architecture – CA Gen to Java migration

Server side

Java is usually chosen as target language for CA Gen backend containing the complex business logic:

  • Batch managers and procedure steps
  • Server managers and procedure steps
  • Action Block programs

These CA Gen components are converted to Java code that can be deployed on Web servers, EJB servers etc. depending on the target architecture.

User Interfaces

If the user interfaces consist of CA Gen GUI/Web clients then the customers normally want migrate these to a Web frontend implemented in JavaScript/HTML. Xact also offers CA Gen to JavaScript/HTML migration

For CA Gen 3270 screens the customer can choose to convert to Java clients or web applications – or alternatively to rewrite the clients.

Handwritten Java clients can be used directly in migrated setup and do not need to be modified or rewritten.

Xact can generate Java proxies and middleware that will enable communication between hand-written clients and the migrated Java backend code.

Xact can deliver a generic Java Server manager as the interface to Java backend programs