CA Gen to JavaScript and HTML migration

Xact offers a solution for migration of CA Gen Web/GUI clients to JavaScript/HTML.

CA Gen Client Procedures and Windows that are generated to GUI clients in legacy systems can be migrated to Web frontend clients implemented in maintainable JavaScript and HTML.

Normally this kind of migration is a part of a larger project where a customer wants to move completely out of CA Gen.
CA Gen Batch, Online and Servers are then also migrated to another platform or source languages. Xact also offers migration services for:

The migrated Web frontend clients are able to interface with migrated backend code (Cobol, Java or EGL) through middleware and generic server managers.

All CA Gen code is migrated 100% automatically using Xact’s automated migration tool.

The migration is a 1:1 functional conversion of the CA Gen code. All business logic in CA Gen is preserved in the new environment.

The migrated code has no dependency to CA Gen runtime and the source code is maintainable, license-free and royalty-free.

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