Cobol to Java migration

Xact offers the service to migrate COBOL applications on mainframe to Java.

Companies with mainframe COBOL applications often face challenges with platform dependencies, lack of skilled developers and high maintenance cost. Some of these companies are looking for ways to move legacy COBOL programs to a modern Java platform to mitigate these challenges.

The COBOL legacy systems often contain complex business logic, which cannot be replaced by a standard system.

Rewriting the applications is costly and time-consuming and a migration of source code from COBOL is Javais therefore an attractive alternative. This is because a source code migration is faster and less expensive than a complete rewrite.

Migration of source code from one source code language to another is however a complex process. It requires deep knowledge of both languages and experience with the challenges in migration projects.

Xact has this knowledge and experience. It has been gained through many successful modernization and migration projects during the last decade.

Xact uses an automated migration toolfor source code migrations that among other things have these advantages.

  • Minimize the code freeze period
  • Flexible
  • Proven technology
  • Comply with customer standards
  • High quality in deliveries

Please contact Xact for more information about solutions for migration from COBOL to Java.