EGL to Cobol and Java migration

Xact offers migration of EGL source code to new target languages such as Java or COBOL.
The migration is a 1:1 functional conversion of the EGL code where all business logic is preserved in the new environment.

The migrated source code has no dependency to EGL runtime and the source code will be maintainable, license-free and royalty-free.

If target language is Java then EGL programs are converted to equivalent Java methods.
For EGL forms there are different possible migration targets, e.g. JSF – Java Server Faces or JavaScript/HTML.
Java code that can be deployed on Web servers, EJB servers etc. depending on the target architecture.

If target language is COBOL the EGL programs are converted to equivalent COBOL programs.
EGL forms can be migrated to e.g. IMS/MFS, CICS/BMS or JavaScript/HTML.

Hand-coded clients that work with EGL environment do not need to be changed. Xact can generate proxies that enable communication between these clients and the new migrated environment.

Please contact Xact for more information about the solution for migration of EGL code.