Welcome to Xact

What is Xact?
Xact Consulting A/S is an international consulting firm that professionally guides and assists companies and organizations to make the most out of their IT solutions.

What does Xact do?
We convert and modernize data and IT solutions through customized, methodological processes, using automation and supported by our highly specialized tools and consultants.

How can Xact help?
We are with you around the table to discuss new opportunities and to assist in all phases of implementing the planned IT projects in a safe and effective manner. We can help to pave the way for new business opportunities or we can suggest a better use of those already in place.

Xact is offering

  • Program- and data convertions
  • Modernization of IT- systems and environments
  • Software- development, sale and implementations
  • Highly skilled consultants

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need an informal dialogue about data migration, program conversion or modernization of an IT system. You are also welcome to come forward if you want to hear more about our expertise, our tools, our experience in general or if you need fresh input for new projects. We can also provide guidance when it comes to future software investments as well as we can provide the best consultants in the field. Our consultants work for us internally on our own development-, conversion,- or modernization projects as well as on projects in house with our varying clients.