Our business partners make us reach further with more options

Business partners are essential to our business. Xact Consulting A / S cooperates with carefully selected partners, each of which can contribute with expertise or products that compliment our own. Thus, we are part of a worldwide network of dedicated IT houses that together or individually can solve any possible task. IBM is our biggest business partner and we are highly certified in several parts of their software portfolio, Arrow/ECS is our local distributor of IBM software and acts as our partner when it comes to putting together the best IBM solutions of all sizes, ARCAD Software has a large and exciting software portfolio, which among other things includes Eclipse-based tools that add ALM opportunities for the IBM i-Series platform, ClearBlade develops their own software solutions and is a strong partner when it comes to new technologies, open standards and within Mobile Technology and last but not least, Synchrony Systems, which is our second New York-based partner that we, among other things worked with to convert NCB systems here on Danish soil. Please read more about the individual partners below.

ARCAD Software has a large and comprehensive software portfolio that includes Eclipse based tools, that add ALM (Application Lifecycle Mangement) possibilities to IBMs i-Series platform. ARCAD Software present themselves this way:

ARCAD Software was created in 1992. The early years were dedicated to developing our ambitious product line. Our first releases were acquired by very large international customers, who put a premium on software development productivity and maintenance.The initial ARCAD project was financed by the European Space Agency. Leaders in the space industry have always been a driving force in innovations in software quality. The scale of the stakes and investment involved has naturally led these organizations to equip themselves with methods and tools to guarantee the most reliable conditions for software change. Thus, ARCAD is the fruit of two skill sets: methodology expertise inherited from its origins, and technical proficiency on the IBM i platform. The ARCAD solutions apply the same quality skills that defined the success of the space industry to the world of software management. Today, we are one of the three leading global ALM suppliers on and around the IBM i.


ARCAD Software

55, rue Adrastée – Parc Altaïs
F-74650 Chavanod/Annecy

Website for ARCAD Software

See how IBM presents the possibilities of ARCADs and Rationals software for IBM i

Link to ARCAD Softwares own catalogue

ArrowECS is the distributor of IBM software. They are our trusted partner when it comes to putting together the best solutions for our customers. We know, that the best solution for at customer is not just based on the presale, price and logistics, but also requires a great understanding of – and access to – the customer’s total installation, its business challenges and plans for the future. Or as they describe themselves:

“A Fortune 150 company with 16,500 employees worldwide, Arrow brings technology solutions to a breadth of markets, including telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics. Arrow provides specialized services and expertise across the product lifecycle. Arrow does this by connecting customers to the right technology at the right place at the right time and at the right price.”

Arrow ECS Danmark
Arrow ECS

Baltorpvej 158

DK-2750 Ballerup

Telephone: +45 70 25 45 00

Read more about Arrow ECS on their website

ClearBlade develop software solutions and is a strong partner when it comes to new technologies and open standards. We work together for instance on Mobile Technology. They present themselves like this:

ClearBlade connects enterprise systems to the devices, data, and services that fuel digital innovation. By integrating access to applications, information, and business processes into one federated solution, we unleash the ability for the enterprise to create new services, products, and revenue opportunities while accelerating speed to market and competitive advantage. The technology that drives the ClearBlade platform enables true enterprise-grade performance, scale, and security, ensuring the integrity of critical infrastructure and compliance efforts.

ClearBlade Inc.

clearblade103 E 5th St STE 203
Austin, Texas 78701

ClearBlades website

We are a Premier Business Partner of IBM and they are our biggest partner on the software side. We are widely certified and highly skilled technically as we use IBM’s tools in our development departments. Our deep knowledge of IBM’s software solutions means that we are asked to test beta versions of the new development and we therefore feel some kind of ownership when the new releases of software come out. IBM is one hundred years old and is also one of the world’s leading software developers. They describe the people working for them as being one the most important assets they have and also like to emphasize that they have a very special soul:

“IBM has reinvented itself many times. But through it all, its DNA, its soul remained intact… IBM’s most important innovation wasn’t a technology or management system. Its revolutionary idea was to define and run a company by a set of strongly held beliefs.”

IBM Danmark ApS
IBM Business PartnerNymøllevej 91
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Telephone: +45 45 23 30 00

Read more about IBM on their website

Read more about our IBM partnership

Synchrony Systems Inc. is our New York based partner with whom we worked on converting NCB´s systems here on Danish soil. They write about our role in this project: “Synchrony worked with Xact business partner who played the role of Systems Integrator and was essential in helping complete this migration and deliver the system into production.” On their own website they present themselves like this:

Synchrony Systems provides end-to-end software transformation and modernization solutions. Our products help you analyse modernize and evolve mission-critical legacy applications to latest software platforms and architectures. Synchrony Systems has been an IBM Business Partner since 1996, helping hundreds of companies in all industries with their conversion challenges. Companies that have struggled to evolve their applications as support for ageing technologies dwindles, have used Synchrony to deliver turn-key migrations of their platforms to running code that can be maintained by a modern development team. These transformations allow companies to leverage their current software infrastructures and extend them into the future, while also allowing them to be in compliance and governance of Web 2.0 and SOA architectures.


Synchrony Systems
2 Greenwich Office Park, Suite 300
Greenwich CT, 06831
United States of America

Find out more about Synchrony Systems Inc. on their website