Modernization is looking for…

… developer and toolmaker in the same person
We are looking for a few new colleagues for our modernization group at Xact Consulting A/S.

What does the modernization group do?
We help large companies, especially in the Nordics, with the use of IBM Rational development tools, including RDZ, RDP, RBD, RAA, RTC, RD & T, HATS, Worklight and Cast Iron. We help with implementation, customization, integration with other products (e.g. Endevor and Serena), training and prototyping. In addition, we support Xact’s conversion group that makes automatic machine conversion of systems like CA Gen, Ideal and Natural for modern platforms, and we assist our software sales department as needed. We are responsible for the company’s own infrastructure, which is based on z/OS (with CICS, IMS and DB2), Linux, Windows, WebSphere and VMWare.In short, we are the toolmakers toolmakers, both internally and externally. We work across many platforms, and we handle languages ​​like COBOL, PL / I, Java, JavaScript, Perl, REXX, Visual Basic and EGL plus environments as ISPF and .Net depending on the case and the situation.

About you:
You are good at handling difficult and complex technical issues; but you can also wear a tie and meet our customers with respect in Denmark and abroad. You can be a technically oriented application developer or an application-oriented technical specialist. You may have your background in a large company; but you like it when there are several things you have to figure out and carry through on your own. You can solve problems on your own; but you thrive in a team. You also like to share your knowledge further, for instance as a mentor, as a teacher or as a developer of e-learning. We do not expect that you can do everything; but you have a wide experience and you can learn quickly with the help of colleagues or by your own efforts. We are a small company, so each of us must to some degree be able to handle all these disciplines.

About Xact: We aim to be highly skilled, fast moving and not too large; but we need a few more experienced colleagues
The corporate culture at Xact is open, hard working, on the cutting edge of technology and with an emphasis on social behaviour and employee benefits. The organization is flat. We are a small company; but we have great customers and great partners. We look forward to receiving your application and your CV so we can start a dialogue.
If you have questions about the job please do not hesitate to contact our responsible for the modernization group Elvin Høyer either by E-Mail or by phone: +45 2360 1466