Meet Xact at IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas


Meet Xact at IBM InterConnect 2017 in Las Vegas

Join Xact and more than 20,000 leaders, industry experts, and innovative startups and explore a reimagined workforce fueled by cloud technologies at IBM InterConnect in Las Vegas March 19-23.

Once again Xact will be present at the conference.

Mads Zandersen, Xact will speak about the key lessons learned through numerous digital transformation and modernization projects. Leveraging existing applications and tools like IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence can help organizations accelerate these projects and earn a quick return on investment. Learn how transformation project teams can more quickly understand existing enterprise applications, analyze the impacts of changes to reduce project risk and improve quality while funding digital innovation. (session id HDZ-5522).

If you have any questions regarding the conference, please feel free to contact Elvin Høyer or Mads Zandersen.

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