2017 was an incredible year for the XaTester team at Xact. The attention from customers was overwhelming, the customer signings were impressive, and the new engagement with IBM was a great recognition of our work.

We finished 2017 in style by introducing many new features as you can see in the Features list

We will continue to develop and improve the fantastic XaTester software, and there is no better way to kick off 2018 than introduce a number of new features to the product.

Q1 features for z/os agent 1.4.1 and XaTester server 3.x:

  • PL/1 Beta with basic datatypes
  • Jenkins Plugin
  • CLI (Run Test cases from files system)
  • Publish test case results from Eclipse and CLI
  • Test Suite support in Eclipse
  • Migrate test cases

Q2 features for z/os agent 2.0.0 and XaTester server 4.0:

  • Record and playback
    • Execute program and record all sub module responses and input/output datasets
    • Create test case to use recorded data as stubs/verifications
  • Create/read records in dataset
  • Execute CICS over MQ (instead of starting a batch job)
  • Verify dataset
  • Compare VSAM files
  • Return different sub module stubs when a sub module is called multiple times
  • PL/1 support V1.
  • Statistical analysis and dashboard
  • ExtendedPL/I support – Automated PL/I parser of Main Procedure Parameters + includes
  • SonarCube Integration – Create unit test case and code coverageXML to be imported into SonarQube
  • Compare and verify content in VSAM files

The features mentioned above is subject to change without notice.