Xact offers highly skilled IT consultants

Xact has over time built up a solid base of customers and consultants
Our IT consultants are experts in project and business management, technical assistance such as architecture, implementations, programming, database administration, design, documentation, software development, system development, testing/test management, web development and much more. Our clients are among the most progressive and well-run companies and we are proud that we have helped many customers during many years.

We act as a liaison between our customers and our IT consultants
After many years in the industry, it is our firm opinion that our customers feel confident that we are good at screening our consultants in order to matches them to specific tasks, and our consultants know that we get them the very best deals for the best jobs. We operate with two primary concepts in our consulting services; Xact Recruitment, which caters to the IT worker seeking new challenges and Xact Matchmaking, which caters to companies who need highly skilled IT professionals. You can read more about the concepts via the links below.

Elvin is the one to talk to
If you are interested in getting to know more about the possibilities in Xact, whether as a customer or as an IT consultant, please contact Elvin Høyer who is in charge of this area. He manages our consultants system and has the personal contact with clients as well as consultants during screening and matchmaking. If you have questions or want to learn more about the openings at Xact, please call or send a message to Elvin.

  • Xact Consultants

    Xact Consultants are highly specialized and experienced with good social and communicative skills – cause only through communication can they share their knowledge properly

  • Xact Recruitment

    If you are a specialized IT worker and a good communicator then please join Xact! We have exciting projects and challenges plus a great company spirit

  • Xact Matchmaking

    If you have the exciting IT projects we have the qualified IT consultants who can help you reach your targets and get the best possible results. Xact are here to help!

Elvin Høyer

Elvin Høyer


Phone: +45 23601466