Xact IT consultants are specialists who can communicate

Xact offers crisp IT consultants with extensive business understanding
Xact IT consultants have accumulated a wealth of business knowledge in a wide range of industries through many years of active participation in IT projects. This knowledge contributes to the fact that they like to assume full responsibility for clients’ projects and tasks, big and small. Many of our consultants have expertise in a wide range of technologies and they particularly like to be responsible for the more technically challenging tasks. Xacts consulting department takes pride in matching our best IT consultants with the right tasks for the right project and customer.

We are very aware that our consultants have a proven track record, so there is no doubt where their core competencies are and where they have obtained their experiences over the years. Our IT consultants are experts in project and business management, technical assistance, such as architecture, implementations, programming, database administration, design, documentation, software development, system development, testing/test management, web development and much more. Our consultants are ready to contribute with their specialised skills and experience during shorter or longer projects.

Xact consultants can communicate
Xact IT consultants are selected based on their academic and hardcore IT skills as well as on their social and communicational skills. We believe that it is crucial for a successful collaboration that our consultants can engage in a productive and communicative relationship with the customer’s own IT staff in order to add greatest possible value to the team and project. A clear, unambiguous and easily understood communication is essential to a project’s overall success. All employees involved – internal and external – need to know what is happening, what is expected and what challenges they face. Therefore, we are very conscious of our consultants’ communication skills.