Xact Matchmaking – the source of success

How do we match our IT consultants to assignments and clients?
When looking for the right consultants for our customers it is our goal, to find just the match that meet customer requirements for technical competence, quality, reliability and price. We go to great lengths to understand the nature of the task, and the extent of and the precise requirements for solving the task. It means that we can better ensure that the task is successfully accomplished within the planned timeframe. We have historically been good at getting our matches right, which has resulted in long-term relationships with the customers that we over time have helped to implement and configure development software, integration tools and technologies.

Xacts system for consultants
We have built our own database based consultant system where we create profiles and store their data, solely in order to be able to make as exact matches, as possible. In addition we always set up a personal meeting before we add any new consultants to our system. This way both parties get a chance to assess each other; the consultant come to see what Xact is all about and we get to see ​​the personality behind the professional competencies. We also know our customers well and we know what type of person that will match the department that lacks the new consultant best.

The process of communication between the customer and Xact looks like this:

Xact Matchmaking