The tool for automatic data conversion
The introduction of new IT systems, business acquisitions, mergers, and modernizations of the system portfolio are all tasks that often require migration of business data. A migration can be very complex and involve a wide range of business departments and skills. The amount of data and the degree of complexity varies, but usually the moving of data is a business critical activity that requires maximum attention from the business and make great demands on flexibility, security and quality.

Xact have spent years working with automated movement of complex business data
XdataCon is an integrated, rule-based tool specially designed to handle secure transfer of critical data and has for many years proven its great value.
XdataCon is independent of ties to physical data structures, making it useful in moving all types of data.
XdataCon is a fully compliant data migration tool that focuses on safety, quality, flexibility and ease of use.


The advantages of XdataCon:

  • Flexible conversions with maximum safety and quality
  • Independent of the physical implementation of the data
  • Full documentation of data from start to finish
  • Structured and uniform reporting rules via workbench
  • Easy and flexible data mapping
  • Automatic generation of executable code
  • Decentralized platform
  • Interfaces to other systems
  • Uniform error reporting
  • Fast debugging through advanced search options
  • Recycling from project to project
  • Large financial savings