Modernizing an IT solution might be the right decision when…

…organizations are looking at optimizing their IT solutions, as modern IT systems typically provide reduced costs, increased efficiency and therefore help organizations to be more competitive
…users of the IT systems want better working conditions, because a better integration between the company’s various IT systems creates much greater ease of use
…operations want better infrastructure, in order to ensure a better and more stable operationel flow using new and far more flexible technologies
…development platforms and other tools are outdated, because it can be difficult to ensure the implementation of the company’s changing IT strategy using rigid inflexible tools
…new IT staff is hard to recruit, because the new programmers and IT people typically have neither knowledge of or interest in mainframe systems and old programming languages

Xact can help
On the pages below, we have compiled some of the important information regarding the modernization of IT solutions as we see it. For more information or if you have questions or specific problems that you would like to discuss with our modernization experts, please call or write us.

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