Challenges before modernizing

The link between the business and its IT systems
The integration between business and IT puts great demands on organisations when business practices as well as the possibilities within information technology are always changing. It also means that the technological challenges increase over time when IT systems repeatedly are being modified, adjusted and even become out dated. Managing IT systems require periodic updating. New requirements for enterprise IT systems can during a certain period be handled by ordinary maintenance and adjustments, but over time these systems become obsolete and unprofitable to maintain. To ensure a further life of these systems a modernization is the next logical step. The next challenge is to uncover requirements by thoroughly analysing the existing IT solutions. This is where we come into the picture. We know the possibilities and help plan and execute the modernization. Xact has modernized IT systems and development environments through multiple generations of technology, so we are well prepared to help.

It is about people
Another main problem by having old and rigid IT systems has to do with people. It can be difficult to attract and retain new and younger developers as they in general have very little knowledge about and interest in the mainframe platform and its capabilities. There is a need for better education and to create motivating work situations so that graduate developers become interested in companies with older platforms and so that the experienced developers who are already there, want to stay. By modernizing an organization’s development platform and IT systems, access to a modern interface that all types of developers will find joy in working with, , while not compromising on the mainframe’s strengths, is obtained.