The mainframe platform is the spine in many organisations

Modernization can for example be a way to future proof your mainframe systems
Any viable IT system meets growing challenges during its lifetime. Many large companies, institutions and public authorities base much of their IT systems on applications and databases that are build on a mainframe platform. Maintenance and further development of these systems can be a problem for several reasons. A major modernization address these problems by letting you manitain and further develop your mainframe systems using the right tools and modern visual user interfaces.

The architecture behind the system
Mainframe systems are very different in their core architecture. Some IT systems where the architecture such as internal structures and interfaces has been kept up-to-date by the requirements and the development decided by the organisation over time, might just need a platform change. Other IT systems that have been left in the dark for years are because of that more in the need of a thorough overhaul. When we start an modernization project, we offer complete analysis and design of databases and database models as part of the conversion process, and we offer an overview, tools and methods for the restructuring of monolithic systems so that they can be separated into logical layers, runtime systems and physical platforms that corresponds to the new requirements.

The change is continuous
The massive changes that we see within information technology is as evident on mainframe platforms as it is on all other platforms. In five years, the PC may be dead, but the mainframe platform will stay alive and keep growing. The interfaces have long since changed from terminals to smartphones, tablets, RFID-powered devices, cloud-based systems, web browsers and service interfaces. In the background of all these new interfaces we find the well tested and highly tuned mainframe but new and major support problems arise because of the lack of people with specialized knowledge within these tehcnologies. A thorough modernization helps to convert systems, databases, languages ​​and tools into new and modern platforms and environments that has a bigger appeal to developers today.

Maintenance of a mainframe
Effective and efficient maintenance of a mainframe platform requires a good overview of the systems, well tested processes, modern methods and good, reliable development tools. The new tools are Eclipse-based and run on Linux or Windows. They directly underpin modern methods such as Scrum, Agile, Model Driven Development (MDD) and Test Driven Development (TDD). As seen from this perspective modernization becomes, an efficient shortcut to higher productivity in system maintenance.