With an Xact modernization large parts of the old investment is kept

Recycling is good
Modernization done the Xact way is very much to do with reusing existing functionality in one form or another, while ensuring that the new and modern IT systems meet the needs of companies in terms of flexibility, security, maintenance and more. At the same time, we find it important to ensure that the systems can coexist and complement the various front-end systems, including Web and standard systems.

Xact can help
Xact meet an ever increasing demand for methods to solve the modernization tasks. Our consultants work daily on the various modernization projects such as Web-enabling, Web services, SOA, platform changes and conversions. We have over the years helped many mainframe installations getting modernized and there is a good chance that we have the experience to help you further

  • We can help create an overview of your IT solutions by analyzing your architecture and look at your business, and future needs and requirements
  • We can help you develop a method based on your specific requirements, which gives your IT development possibilities of true Lifecycle Management, which provides a tool supported overview of the processes and division of labor, or in short, a better and far more manageable development environment
  • Xact is highly specialized in the IBM Rational development toolkit and can help you with advice, tool selection, installation, configuration, integration with your existing development and operating environment and education – both as a classroom as mentoring and e-learning
  • We can also provide assistance in relation to the acquisition of hardware and software for your modernization project