Xact is an IBM Premier Business Partner

We are broadly certified within IBM Software
We have chosen to have a broad range of IBM Software Certifications in-house at Xact Consulting. Although we work with different software providers, we have a fondness for IBM’s software solutions. Firstly, in our capacity of being a Premier Business Partner to IBM, we get to test beta versions of their new software releases and therefore we feel some kind of ownership when the new software come out and secondly, we have only good experiences using their tools in our daily work.

We are proud of our partnership with IBM, and we learn a lot from it. We are at the same time aware that IBM can sometimes be a large organisation to deal with. Our experience with IBM allows us in many situations to act as buffers or a kind of filter if you will, and thereby facilitate our customers’ process in relation to procurement and consulting in a better way. Coupled with our other solutions, we believe we are quite a unique offer to our customers.

Our IBM stamp