Xact only sell software we know

Software licenses are just parts of a bigger picture
A piece of software and the license to use it does not make up ‘a solution’. It is merely a part of the toolbox that makes working with IT easier. In our software department we work closely with all involved consultants from both the modernization- and the conversion group to better understand the complete perspective of the new projects we take on. This way we can come up with the very best software recommendations to each specific case. We also know how incredibly complicated software licensing can be so we take great pride in only recommending the right tools and the right licensing model for the right situation.

We put our customers business first
We work with our customers and support them in achieving the business goals they set themselves. We know that it sometimes is quite a journey to embark on when business goals and the organization have to be aligned with the support of IT systems but we aim at accompanying our clients during the entire trip. We do not just leave our customers with a box of software. We actively participate in the software installation, configuration, training and mentoring as well as we support the entire organization in the changes that new ways of working with IT might lead to. The good sale to us includes professional, individual counselling and customized solutions based on ‘best practice’ and experience.

A mixed portfolio
The software portfolio at Xact is based on our own developed products, on IBM products and on other business partners products. We develop and sell only products that are geared for business use. We believe that professional IT people deserve professional tools for increased efficiency in their daily work. We have chosen to focus primarily on the host issues in our software selection (both large and small host systems), but we are always ready for a dialogue with respect to related areas. We typically deliver software solutions for organisational development and operations such as complete development platforms, Application Lifecycle Management and combinations of these. If we use IBM terms and brands it relates to IBM Rational, IBM Websphere and IBM Information Management software portfolio. It can also be defined as themes such as mobility readiness, DevOps, SOA, source code/data conversions or Enterprise Modernization.