Why migrate legacy systems?

For companies to remain competitive it is vital that their business at any time is optimally supported by flexible IT solutions and therefore they cannot afford to remain on out-dated and expensive technologies. It is one of the reasons why many companies are looking for solutions to modernize their IT solutions in order to reduce costs while momentum is maintained.

Automated source code migration

Xact offers a 100% automated source code migration from a number of legacy languages: CA Gen (previously Cool:Gen), CA Ideal/Datacom, Natural/Adabas, VAG.

Code is migrated to hand-maintainable, license-free and native source code. These target languages are currently supported: Java, COBOL, JavaScript/HTML, EGL.

Automated source code migration

Automated source code migration

Different source and target platforms are also supported: Mainframe z/OS (CICS/IMS), Linux, UNIX and Windows.

The migration tool is developed by Xact and has been used for the last decade to run successful migration project for large global companies.

The migration tool is adaptable to other source languages (COBOL, EGL, PL/I, RPG) and other target languages (C#, .Net)

Advantages of automated source code migration

The automated migration gives the customer maximum flexibility during the whole migration process and minimizes the code freeze period. Converted code will comply with customer standards and both restructuring and refactoring during migration is possible.


Xact migration tool

Xact migration tool

Examples of different types of automated migrations that Xact have done in the past.

CA Ideal migration

Migration of source code from CA Ideal to EGL

VAG migration

Migration of source code from VAG to EGL

COBOL migration

Migration of COBOL to VAG

Xact also offers other types of migrations

Migration of COBOL to Java

Migration of EGL to Java or Cobol

Migration of VAG to Java, Cobol or EGL

Migration of CSP to Java, Cobol or EGL