Mød Xact og europæiske mainframe kunder på GSE Enterprise Modernization Working Group på Derag Livinghotel Nürnberg,  fra 11.- 13. oktober 2017.

Xact er igen tilstede på den tilbagevendende GSE Enterprise Modernization konference. Denne gang præsenterer Xact chef arkitekt Steen Brahe, vores unike mainframe testværktøj, XaTester.

Write, execute and automate unit tests of Batch and CICS programs with XaTester
This session will introduce you to XaTester, the most advanced and flexible unit test tool on the market for performing automated unit and integration testing of zOS Batch and CICS programs written in COBOL, PL/I, Assembler and EGL. XaTester is integrated with IDz and can initiate and collect code coverage data as part of a unit test. Through examples you will see how XaTester can be used to write and execute unit tests of called modules and main batch programs and how output data from the call area, datasets, spool files, and DB2 can be verified.

Tilmeld og læs mere om konferencen her www.gse.org/events/25/gse-european-modernization-working-group-meeting/